Why have a Registered Training Organisation?

Our people are all committed to assisting others to develop capability and assure workplace competency as defined by their organisation and their industry. We also happen to have deep backgrounds in what used to be called "The Systems Approach to Training" - in essence a whole system view of how to develop and prove capability in any environment. 

Having an RTO (RTO Code 31739) and working in the VET system ethically and faithful to the National standards and regulations allows our clients to be certain of the outcomes of their programs.  Our clients can be certain that the capabilities of their employees, who are successful in completing the assessment meet or exceed the capabilities required for a safe and productive workplace anywhere in Australia.

Having an RTO also allows us to work in partnership with our clients so that the workplace becomes the 'training room', the daily work supports and re-inforces the 'program content', and the workplace standards become the 'assessment'. In effect, we become your enterprise RTO, but you don't have to manage or incur the costs of compliance. 


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Our scope

We are registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority, (RTO Code 31739).  On successful completion of our programs we can issue all of the qualifications as shown in our scope on www.training.gov.au. We offer qualifications including:

Leadership and Management - BSB42015 - Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

Mining - RII40315 - Certificate IV in Metalliferous Mining Operations (Underground)

Gas - UEG40114 - Certificate IV in Gas Supply Industry Operations

We can also add other qualifications to our scope to suit outcomes in your industry, so 'anything is possible'!


our approach

In working with our clients on Organisation Development we feel that all of the changes should necessarily be underpinned by the development and utilisation of new capability...

We are committed to quality outcomes and in delivering this we focus on the whole cycle of:

  • identifying the business need
  • clarifying the skills' requirements and how we'd prove (assess) the skills have been developed
  • designing fit for purpose skills development
  • applying rigorous, meaningful assessment
  • multi-level evaluation and improvement

In our RTO space our preferred approach is to work in partnership with our clients. 

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We'll work within your Vision & Strategy to create a workable system that meets your needs

We'll work within your Vision & Strategy to create a workable system that meets your needs

partner with us

Partner with us to develop a full competency assurance system that will deliver not only the capability improvements you want but a self sustaining, reinforcing system that will continue to develop capability after we have left.

A partnership arrangement with us to develop the capability of your employees will be a formal arrangement in which we both decide who is going to be responsible for what in the design, delivery, assessment, and evaluation of your program.  We can use our trainers and assessors, your trainers and assessors, or a combination of both. The partnership will deliver a fully customised program, almost indistinguishable from other internal programs