This page is largely concerned with the individual journey toward being the best version of you that you can be. It's called 'Are we there yet?' because the journey is never complete. It reminds us of going on family trips with the impatient children in the back seat...

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Given that we know what we know; why do we do what we do?

Do you ever struggle with your own behaviour? Do you know some aspects of your behaviour that you’d like to change? Do you struggle to make the changes even though you ‘know’ there are benefits from changing and that what you are currently doing is not working for you?

So, what’s that about?

First, some thoughts about human behaviour:

No-one comes to work wanting to act foolishly or to be ineffective

Everyone makes the best choices that they can in the circumstances that surround them at any given moment

People do what they believe, in that moment, to be the best thing for them

Human behaviour is not necessarily logical – it is driven by logic and feelings in the moment of action – logic convinces, emotion moves!

People have all of the inner resources that they need to modify their behaviour (choices)

So, if all of that is true, then why don’t we always act as if we have the highest of behavioural standards ‘in mind’?

Because of a combination of what we think - our story - and how we feel in the moment.

We experience an event or conditions, we interpret that event or conditions based on our world view and our BELIEFS and we react (think and feel), choosing some behaviour that even we ourselves might question in the instant of doing – but we do it anyway.

So, how did we get to there?

Human's Naturally Develop Capability

Throughout our lifetime we develop certain capabilities. Consciously or unconsciously we select which capabilities we’ll have.

The major guiding factor in determining which capabilities we develop is our beliefs about what is desirable (valuable, important, essential) and possible for us to develop in the environment in which we find ourselves. As I grow up I develop a sense of ‘identity’ (who I am and who I’m becoming) and then I arrange my life so that I develop the appropriate capabilities – by accident or by design.

So, what capabilities would you like to design into your life? What beliefs would you need to have in place in order to achieve that?